Alabama Market Analysis

Hello everyone! Here is this weeks market review – Alabama.

Not everything is Nick Saban related – or NIL related – but maybe there is a pull through…Employment in Alabama is booming across engineering, manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

Unemployment Rate in Alabama

  • December 2023 Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate in Alabama was 2.6% in December 2023​​ and looks flat to slightly higher at 2.7% for January 2024

Job Openings in Specific Sectors

  1. Producción: Birmingham
    • Job Openings: In Birmingham, AL alone, there were 460 manufacturing jobs available in January 2024​​. We see dozens of other jobs across this vertical appearing daily
  2. Supply Chain: Huntsville
    • Job Openings: Huntsville, AL, had 206 supply chain jobs available​​. This is a marketed increase.
  3. Warehouse: Zooming out to Alabama for Warehouse work and Engineering
    • Job Openings: There were 385 warehouse jobs available across Alabama​​.
  4. Advanced Engineering:
    • Job Openings: There were 1,905 engineering jobs in Alabama


Alabama’s job market in January 2024 showed substantial opportunities across various sectors, especially in manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse, and engineering. The low unemployment rate of 2.6% in December 2023 suggests a healthy and vibrant labor market.

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