Sunshine State Drives Strong Employment

Florida continues to drive impressive growth across several sectors. Here is the latest from the Sunshine state.

Unemployment Rate in Florida

  • December 2023 Unemployment Rate: Florida’s unemployment rate was 3% in December 2023, indicating a relatively stable job market​​.
  • January looks to be relatively flat to a slight tick up in unemployment – a sign of a stable market despite external narratives around insurance and election cycles.

Job Openings in Specific Sectors

  1. Producción:
    • Job Openings: There were 5,440 manufacturing jobs available in Florida in January 2024​​.
  2. Supply Chain:
    • Job Openings: A total of 2,566 supply chain jobs were available​​.
  3. Warehouse:
    • Job Openings: There were 2,864 warehouse jobs available​​.
  4. Advanced Engineering:
    • Job Openings: There were 4,378 engineering jobs available, which likely includes advanced engineering positions​​.
  5. Skilled Labor:
    • Job Openings: While specific job opening numbers for skilled labor were not directly found, the average salary for a skilled laborer was reported as $18.64 per hour, suggesting active employment in this sector​​.

Industry and Skills Analysis

  • Producción: The significant number of job openings in manufacturing suggests a strong demand for manufacturing-related skills.
  • Supply Chain: The availability of supply chain jobs indicates a need for logistics, supply chain management, and related skills.
  • Warehouse: The number of warehouse job openings reflects demand for skills in warehouse operations, logistics, and supply chain management.
  • Advanced Engineering: The substantial number of engineering jobs points to a demand for advanced engineering skills across various disciplines.
  • Skilled Labor: Although specific job opening data was not available, the salary information implies a steady demand for skilled laborers in Florida.


Florida’s job market in January 2024 showed significant opportunities across various sectors, especially in manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse, and engineering. The unemployment rate of 3% in December 2023 suggests a healthy and active labor market. This analysis provides insights into the labor market dynamics and the demand for specific skill sets in Florida at the beginning of 2024.

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