Manufacturing Recruiting and Staffing Firm

We understand that technological advances and business demands can leave your manufacturing recruiting team needed to fill in positions quickly. We source and extensively screen candidates for you, so you’re left with top talent for your production growth. That understanding has led us into multiple long term relationships with manufacturers across the U.S.

It takes a considerable amount of time and resource for manufacturing recruiters to source, interview, and hire the right talent. On average, it takes 94 days to recruit employees in the engineering and research fields and 70 days to recruit skilled production workers for manufacturing positions. We have to stop reacting to talent shortages but take a big picture, strategic approach to manufacturing recruiting that will leave you and your company more successful. From rethinking job descriptions, focusing on your employer branding, working with your local institutions and building a better candidate experience, we are here to help.

Recruiting The Most Dependable and Motivated Manufacturing Professionals to Help Your Business

Through our industry-leading AI/ML tools that set us apart from other consultants, we can hyper target and find the best candidates for your open manufacturing roles. We have access to technology that will give you helpful insights on where the professionals you’re searching for are, what their current pay is like at your competitors, and more. We understand your industry, and your needs, even through difficult and unpredictable times like we’ve experienced in 2020 and 2021. Finding skilled and motivated manufacturing talent is what keeps American manufacturers growing and producing. That’s why our team screens every candidate, to ensure they are qualified and ready for their final interview process with your team. We’re able to build custom strategies and source qualified candidates based on the role you are hiring for, your industry, your location, and more. This way, you always have a full candidate pool, ready to pick from when your job openings arise.

Our Manufacturing Recruiting and Staffing Services

Contract Staffing Services

Manufacturing contract staffing is the process of hiring temporary workers who supplement your company’s permanent workforce. Contingent, or temporary staff, work under a contract for a specific project, or a specific period of time. Don’t let the word temporary fool you, some contract staff projects can run as long as 18 months. Hiring a contractor is often more per hour, but you’re truly saving on not paying benefits, running payroll, or investing in onboarding. You are also eliminating burden for your HR department. Contractor flexibility means your company only pays for the talent they need, leaving you to significant cost savings. You need flexible, project based staffing, that fits you. We evaluate your needs, we’re realistic about the cost and we determine the best structure for your contractors. There’s no reason to navigate this alone.

Manufacturing Professionals We Place

We currently operate with a handful of American manufacturers across the country. They range in industry and in their hiring needs, but we’re recruiting top candidates for them all. From operators, technicians, managers, and leaders to senior management positions, we recruit them all for a variety of manufacturing industries like chemicals, corrugated box, machining and others.

Some of the roles we currently recruit for include: Chemical Operators, EHS Managers, Fill Room Operators, Forklift Operators, Inventory Managers, Professional Staffing, Janitorial Staff, Key Account Managers, Kitting Line Leaders, Kitting Line Members, Label Operators , Logistics Supervisors, Machine Operators, Maintenance Technicians, Material Handlers, Packaging Engineers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Operators, Quality Assurance Technicians, Senior Operation Managers and More

Looking to Partner with PeopleLift for Your Manufacturing Recruiting and Staffing Needs?

Our tools, combined with our world-class customer success and onboarding, will provide immediate and lasting value to your talent delivery. With a high referral rate and 100% extension rate, our proven track record makes us confident to the point to guarantee our work. We have a combined 30+ Years of experience and we help American Manufacturers hire reliable and qualified candidates fast at a fraction of the cost – ask us for a reference!