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Technology evolves at a rapid pace. It moves so much faster than other areas of business and that often leads to a cap between institutional knowledge and the market demand. Professional strategy can pivot as quickly as month to month, and it becomes difficult to keep pace with all the new developments. This has led to a really tight market for IT talent. IT jobs are expected to continue to increase, but the number of skilled professionals doesn’t meet the growth in demand quite yet. Information technology serves as a fundamental component to any business’s success. When you have limited resources, hiring managers and IT recruiting teams – you’re showing up short-handed and unable to recruit the right talent for your open IT roles. That’s where our services come in.

What is an IT staffing service?

When your company partners with an IT staffing service provider, like PeopleLift, you expand your network of available candidates immediately. We streamline and manage your IT hiring process to support your business’ success. Looking for full-time, contract to hire, temporary staffing or even a consultant? We help you find them despite the competitive market.

End-to-end Temporary Staffing Services for IT Companies

From attracting, engaging, hiring and onboarding, we are here to help you bring on the best talent, even for temporary needs. Temporary workers are essential for a lot of organizations. If you have constantly changing projects with seasonal needs or frequent pivots in workloads, temporary staffing may be right for you. You identify the niche experience and work need, and we help you leverage temporary employees to quickly scale up or down team members as needed to best finish your project.

You’ll always want to anticipate and manage your workforce needs, and our resources and expertise will support you and your project’s success. Contract staffing can benefit all parties. Both clients, candidates and agencies through higher earning potential, flexible lifestyle, opportunity to travel, variety in the work scope, and possible permanent contract future.

Our Professional Staffing Services

Contract Staffing and Placement

We take a strategic, proactive approach to search and staffing. Business agility often requires scaling technical talent on little to no notice to meet changing business needs, we all learned that, especially after 2020. What goes into our professional staffing? Well, overall: Flexible Solutions. You get to access our industry-leading expertise through your own flexible staffing model that is tailored to your specific IT needs, but let’s break it down:

IT is a project oriented field. Teams are managing software, systems updates, migrations or developing new platforms all with a due date. With contract staffing, companies quickly expand their team without the need of full time onboarding procedures or costly benefits. Your team is built, scaled up or scaled down, to meet the evolving needs of your project. Example: you need technical developers for early stages, and shift to quality assurance and test engineers in later stages.
You gain access to our deep hired talent’s deep expertise that immediately applies to your current project. A contract-consulting model is ideal for companies with ongoing needs that vary month-month.
Hiring a contractor is often more per hour, but you’re truly saving on not paying benefits, running payroll, or investing in onboarding. You are also eliminating burden for your HR department. Contractor flexibility means your company only pays for the talent they need, leaving you to significant cost savings.

You need flexible, project based staffing, that fits you. We Evaluate your needs, we’re realistic about the cost and we determine the best structure for your contractors. There’s no reason to navigate this alone. 

Why Choose PeopleLift for your IT Staffing needs?

Our tools, combined with our world-class customer success and onboarding, will provide immediate and lasting value to your talent delivery and your workers. We’re more affordable than the industry standard, our delivery is guaranteed, and you’ll get great talent. Not sure if IT staffing is right for your company? Visit our other services, or set up a meeting with us to find the best solution for your company.

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