Retaining your best talent once they are hired!

What is TEC? It is the future of Talent Departments: fractional consultants that build, repair or replace talent departments from a process, people and tools perspective. Our multi-skilled fractional leaders build scale into Talent Teams and provide THE future of work alternative to the labor cost intensive HR departments.

What do we do differently?

We have developed a proven process combining AI and human strategy that allows for more scalability at a fraction of the cost while still reaching the best candidates. Our process includes generating data that other recruiting agencies do not have access to in their main channels of recruitment. Our pool of candidates that we reach is around 40% bigger than the average recruiting agency and with our model, we expect to see a bare minimum of a 5x ROI added to company valuation as a result of our services.

Why does it matter?

You work so hard to engage and attract the right kind of talent…but then they decline your offer or quit after a year. Formulating an employee retainment solution is costly, draining, and a real challenge that every business will face. Our team builds custom end-to-end solutions that solve these problems with highly targeted and interested pipelines with unique processes designed to improve onboarding processes, leaving you with more engaged employees.

Engage with top talent.

You have the open positions and now you need to find and engage the right candidates in the hiring process.

Attract top talent.

Recruitment Marketing is the process of building and communicating an organization’s Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition to attract and hire top talent.

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You’ll like what you hear—our cost per hire is significantly under market value!