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We are different from other recruitment agencies. You aren’t paying a cost per head – and that means you’re saving money when you recruit with us. Input your current hiring threshold and we’ll tell you how much you can potentially be saving:

How we cut costs for you.

We package our recruiting services with world-class technology and skilled talent managers so you can save without sacrificing the quality.

We record and share all of our qualification screenings our recruiters go through with your candidates. When a candidate is sent to you or your hiring managers, you have full access and visibility into the candidates interview performance from beginning to end.

We use AI powered technology to build custom strategies and solutions based on the role you are hiring for, your industry, your location, and more. With us, we not only know where your competition is, but how we can target their talent, too. 

We send detailed reporting on our performance weekly but you’re able to track our progress and your hiring team moves in real-time, whenever and wherever.

We will consistently be sending you top-quality candidates to fill your hiring funnels. Daily quality uploads and interviews and resumes will be at your fingertips.

You’ll have a consultant completely dedicated to you and your needs.

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