How PeopleLift Delivers Lasting Solutions That Set HR Teams Up For Success

What would you do if we told you that PeopleLift offers a proven solution that relieves 75% of HR Leaders‘ overall top pain points and 100% of pain points around Human Engagement? You’d probably want proof. 

On the blog, we recently talked about how we reached 100% of our client’s six-month hiring goal within 80 days. It ended up saving that client $255,519 in hiring costs, but we also helped the HR team establish efficient and effective hiring practices. Our services for this mid-sized manufacturing company provided solutions for these pain points:

  • Bandwidth
  • Establishing Employer Branding 
  • Talent Development
  • Maintaining a Candidate Pipeline
  • Consistent Talent Reporting
  • Meeting a Budget

Let’s dig into how PeopleLift addresses each of these:


Growing companies need dedicated HR teams that have access to the proper tools and technology to make hiring easier. We know due to budget restrictions and special hiring surges, it doesn’t always make sense to onboard new full time HR staff or spend a large portion of your budget on programs you aren’t sure about. Working with PeopleLift gives the benefit of more people and more tech for your team. From building a new ATS (Applicate Tracking System), having dedicated PeopleLift Talent Associates qualify candidates, and manage your postings, your team and focus more on hiring and retaining your best talent.

Employer Branding

Attracting the right kind of talent is hard with so much noise in the marketplace but our unique omnichannel campaigns are designed to complement your marketing goals while building talent communities eager to join your team. Our blend of marketing & traditional sourcing lets YOU keep ALL of the data, creating the opportunity to engage future pipelines. Having PeopleLift build your employer brand provides a delightful experience while candidates are moving from interested to interviewing to hired. From targeted social media posts, to ensuring your job descriptions hit the right key words and your brand shines through, we do it all. 

Talent Development

You work so hard to engage and attract the right kind of talent…but then they decline your offer or quit after a year. Formulating an employee retainment solution is costly, draining, and a real challenge that every business will face. Our team builds custom end-to-end solutions that solve these problems with highly targeted and interested pipelines with unique processes designed to improve onboarding processes, leaving you with more engaged employees.

Candidate Pipeline

Our AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) technology stack allows us to identify key market points such as talent density, compensation levels, competitiveness, attrition, and competitor density. Our process includes generating data that other recruiting agencies do not have access to in their main channels of recruitment. We use automatic aggregators to push your job posting onto multiple platforms from one system. We also use project management software to ensure our team and yours are constantly working together. 

Long Story, Short: You always have quality candidates on hand.

Talent Reporting

Data has changed the world of employee engagement and retention. Following metrics with action can change how your business operates. Our dedicated team not only brings you qualified candidates, they also bring you the data. From weekly to monthly reporting, your team will have more insights than ever before. You’ll not only see what your company is doing – but what the market is up to as well. The data on your hires, the number of interviews, costs, salary insights, and your employer marketing campaign success is delivered right to you, ready to share with your leaders and keep track of your success. 

Meeting a Budget

We are different from other recruitment agencies. You aren’t paying a cost per head – and that means you’re saving money when you recruit with us. We have developed a proven process combining AI and human strategy that allows for more scalability at a fraction of the cost while still reaching the best candidates. 


All these items combined leave you with an efficient and affordable solution. Our tools, combined with our world-class customer success and onboarding, will provide immediate and lasting value to your talent delivery and your workers. We’re more affordable than the industry standard, our delivery is guaranteed, and you’ll get great talent.

Discover the PeopleLift Difference Today – Contact us to schedule a no-obligation Discovery Call and get your FREE Comprehensive Talent Marketplace Assessment!

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