Internal Flywheel: how recruiting supports retention

Recruiting can support employee retention in a few ways:

By hiring the right fit: Hiring employees who are a good fit for the organization and its culture can help increase the likelihood that they will stay with the company for the long term.

By clearly communicating expectations: Clearly communicating expectations to candidates during the recruitment process can help ensure that they are aware of what is expected of them and are more likely to be satisfied in their roles.

By providing a positive onboarding experience: A positive onboarding experience can help new hires feel welcomed and supported in their roles, which can increase their likelihood of staying with the company.

By engaging with employees during the recruitment process: Involving employees in the recruitment process, such as by asking for referrals or allowing them to participate in interviews, can help them feel more invested in the success of new hires and increase the likelihood that they will stay with the company.

By staying in touch with former employees: Staying in touch with former employees and staying open to the possibility of rehiring them can help ensure that the company has a pool of qualified candidates when it comes time to fill open positions. This can also help increase the likelihood that former employees will consider returning to the company if an opportunity arises.

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