Contingent Staffing with PeopleLift

Contingent Workforce Solutions and Services

PeopleLift is able to offer a multitude of hiring solutions and one of those is Contingent Staffing! What is contingent staffing? It’s the process of hiring temporary workers who supplement a company’s permanent workforce. Contingent, or temporary staff, work under a contract for a specific project, or a specific period of time. Don’t let the word temporary fool you, some contingent staff contracts can run as long as 18 months.

Hiring Temporary Staff has its Benefits:

  • Cut back on onboarding and offboarding time and expense
  • Staff a project immediately
  • Be flexible with arrangements and adapt to changes in workload
  • No benefits or other incentives needed

The Flexibility To Recruit Quality Candidates

Whether you need high-skilled, or semi-skilled labor, our talent success managers are here to help. A dedicated specialist will help you staff top talent. There is a growing need to bring in specialized talent, remotely and on property. We live in a competitive recruitment market, and we exactly how to source ideal candidates for your unique needs. With our contingent staffing services, we will give you the flexibility to recruit qualified candidates when and where you need them.

Employee Experience & Design Program

How We Source Candidates

PeopleLift would act as your temporary employment agency. We learn your business, culture, and more to find the best fit for your temporary openings. We assess your challenges and pain points with your current workers and immediately pinpoint the profile of the perfect qualified candidate to fit your business.

We then connect you with top talent through AI-powered technology. We’re able to build custom strategies and source qualified candidates based on the role you are hiring for, your industry, your location, and more. Our process includes generating data that other recruiting agencies do not have access to in their main channels of recruitment. We use automatic aggregators to push your job posting onto multiple platforms from one system and project management software to ensure our team and yours are constantly working together.

Why Choose PeopleLift Contingent Workforce Solutions?

Our tools, combined with our world-class customer success and onboarding, will provide immediate and lasting value to your talent delivery and your workers. We’re more affordable than the industry standard, our delivery is guaranteed, and you’ll get great talent.
Not sure if contingent staffing is right for your company? Visit our other services, or set up a meeting with us to find the best solution for your company.