Your Manufacturing Staffing Agency

PeopleLift’s Industrial Staffing Services provides top-quality, skilled, candidates to you. We are powered by our world class technology, our amazing manufacturing recruiting and talent marketing bandwidth, and our expertise in the industrial space, which grew even deeper when we helped multiple manufacturers hire during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Efficient Solutions to Streamline the Manufacturing Staffing Process

Our team helps your team hire fast without sacrificing quality candidates. We know every manufacturing company’s hiring needs are as different as the products to make. You need specific, skilled workers to meet your production demands, that’s why our solutions are customized to you, your location, your industry and your specialties. Your HR and Hiring team’s will spend less time sifting through thousands of unqualified resumes, and more time with the quality talent you want.

Finding the Right Manufacturing Talent is Vital to Your Success

For your business to thrive, for that new plant to succeed, for you to meet the supply demand, you need qualified talent ready that is skilled, and reliable and ready to work. We also offer support on how to retain your best talent, so you aren’t paying the cost of a high turnover rate.

Types of Manufacturing Positions We Recruit

We work in a variety of manufacturing staffing industries. Some of the top positions we recruit for our clients include:

Chemical Operators
EHS Managers
Fill Room Operators
Forklift Operators
Inventory Managers
Janitorial Staff
Key Account Managers
Kitting Line Leaders
Kitting Line Members
Label Operators
Logistics Supervisors

Machine Operators Maintenance Technicians
Material Handlers
Packaging Engineers
Production Assistants
Production Coordinators
Production Operators
Quality Assurance Technicians
Senior Operation Managers
& More

We are ready to learn about your company’s needs and open roles.

Contact us today so we can start connecting your hiring team with top talent that will help your business soar.