Maintenance Technicians – Pennsylvania 

The manufacturing industry is an important sector of the Pennsylvania economy, with a long history of production and innovation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the manufacturing industry employed approximately 561,000 people in Pennsylvania as of January 2023.

Maintenance technicians are an essential part of the manufacturing industry, as they are responsible for maintaining and repairing machinery and equipment used in the manufacturing process. Some of the specific skills and knowledge required for maintenance technician positions in the manufacturing industry include mechanical and electrical knowledge, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, and familiarity with tools and equipment used for maintenance and repair.

In terms of job openings for maintenance technician positions in the manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania, there are currently over 500 open positions listed on job search websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Many of these job postings are located in major cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg, as well as in smaller cities and towns throughout the state.

Several companies in Pennsylvania are also actively hiring for maintenance technician positions in the manufacturing industry. These companies include GE Appliances, the Kraft Heinz Company, and Niagara Bottling. These companies have multiple locations across the state and offer a variety of opportunities for individuals with experience in maintenance and repair.

As of January 2023, the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania was 4.1%, which is slightly higher than the national unemployment rate of 3.9%. But with these data points, skilled labor unemployment remains under 2%. This may indicate that there is a moderate pool of available candidates for open positions in the manufacturing industry, including maintenance technician positions.

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