A deeper look at Georgia – a Future Top 10 State

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We’ve discussed Savannah, we’ve looked at hiring skilled labor. But zoomed out, Georgia looks to be well on it’s way toward being a top 10 State in several key statistics – economic growth, employer friendly and population growth.

“Georgia is where talent meets opportunity, and opportunity lifts up talent,” said Commissioner Bruce Thompson”

October Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate in Georgia for October 2023 was 3.4%, remaining unchanged from September. This rate was notably lower than the national average​​ according to the GA DOL

Industry and Skills Analysis – 30k ft view

  • Manufacturing: The significant number of job openings in manufacturing suggests a robust demand for skills in machine operation, industrial engineering, and production management.
  • Supply Chain & Warehouse: These sectors show a substantial number of job openings, reflecting the ongoing need for logistics, supply chain management, and warehouse operation skills.
  • Advanced Engineering: The availability of a wide range of engineering jobs indicates a strong market for technical and engineering skills across various disciplines.

This is where it gets even more interesting. Innovation. With several large brands making Georgia home in the coming years, the PeopleLift team is expanding it’s presence and capabilities to match the needs of Georgia employers.

Snapshot of the current market – a detailed look

  1. Warehouse:
    • Job Openings: The state had 5k+ warehouse jobs available, with roles such as Warehouse Worker, Warehouse Associate, and Order Picker​​.
  2. Advanced Engineering:
    • Job Openings: There were 4k+ engineering jobs available, including positions like Process Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer, and Civil Engineer​​.
    • Additionally, 3,723 specific engineer positions were available, including Manufacturing Engineer, Process Engineer, and Structural Engineer​​.
  3. Skilled Labor:
    • Job Openings: There were 15K+ skilled labor jobs available, with roles such as Laborer, Skilled Laborer, and Installer​​.

Georgia’s job market in November 2023 shows considerable opportunities, especially in manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse, and advanced engineering sectors. The stable unemployment rate, lower than the national average, along with the diversity of job openings, reflects a dynamic and robust labor market. This analysis is crucial for understanding the current labor market trends and the demand for specific skill sets in Georgia.

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