Buckeye State – holding steady

Here’s the updated analysis of Ohio’s talent data for January 2024, focusing on unemployment rates and job openings in various sectors:

Unemployment Rate in Ohio

  • December 2023 Unemployment Rate: Ohio’s unemployment rate was 3.7% in December 2023, up from 3.6% in November​​.

Job Openings in Specific Sectors

  1. Manufacturing:
    • Job Openings: There were 10,155 manufacturing jobs available in Ohio in January 2024​​.
  2. Supply Chain:
    • Job Openings: A total of 2,467 supply chain jobs were available​​.
  3. Warehouse:
    • Job Openings: There were 3,368 warehouse jobs available​​.
  4. Advanced Engineering:
    • Job Openings: Unfortunately, specific data for advanced engineering jobs in Ohio for January 2024 was not readily available. However, there were engineering internships and other related opportunities, suggesting some level of demand in this sector.
  5. Skilled Labor:
    • Job Openings: A significant number of skilled labor jobs, totaling 15,563, were available in Ohio​​.

Industry and Skills Analysis

  • Manufacturing: The substantial number of job openings indicates a strong demand for manufacturing skills, likely across various specializations within the sector.
  • Supply Chain: The availability of over 2,000 supply chain jobs points to a continued need for logistics and supply chain management expertise.
  • Warehouse: The number of warehouse job openings reflects the ongoing demand for warehouse operations, logistics, and related skills.
  • Advanced Engineering: While specific numbers were not available, the presence of engineering internships and other roles suggests a demand for advanced engineering skills.
  • Skilled Labor: The high number of skilled labor jobs available indicates a robust demand for a variety of skilled trades and technical roles.


Ohio’s job market in January 2024 showed substantial opportunities, especially in sectors like manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse, and skilled labor. The slight uptick in the unemployment rate may indicate evolving economic conditions, but the high number of job openings across sectors suggests a dynamic and active job market. This analysis provides key insights into the labor market dynamics and the demand for specific skill sets in Ohio at the beginning of 2024.

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