A Moment of Gratitude

In the time of year filled with gratitude, we have a lot to be thankful for. We want to start with a thank-you to our clients. For partnering with us at the height of COVID-19, in today’s unpredictable job market–and everywhere in between. But before we share that, we’d like to reflect on our journey together during this unique time in our job market’s history.


In 2020, the world was faced with one of the most dangerous pandemics in the last 2000 years. Though we’ve survived as a nation, here’s a quick refresher on how the pandemic impacted the job market: 

In the spring of 2020, we faced the worst employment climate since the Great Depression. Seemingly overnight, 20.5 million people lost their jobs; businesses were hit hard by the CDC’s regulation and COVID-19’s rapid (and often fatal) spread. We knew that companies needed help navigating this unfamiliar terrain. That’s why we provided our clients with job retention strategies to address a need for reduced hours, subsidized wages, and more. To put it plainly, job retention strategies kept many companies in business throughout the pandemic. And during the next year, companies continued to use these strategies to maintain their workforce.

In 2021, we saw a shift from mass layoffs and terminations to millions of open positions. As the number of COVID cases declined, we adjusted our clients’ strategies to focus on retraining current employees and recruiting top talent. After all, we had entered The Great Resignation–and we had to respond.

So hiring and retraining became the priorities. To assist companies with hiring, we used strategies designed to fit specific industries and other necessary criteria. Through our state-of-the-art AI/ML tools, we helped our clients target and secure top candidates in manufacturing and professional services. 

To assist companies with retraining, we used customized solutions–empowering clients to restructure and scale their businesses. Despite hiring challenges, this two-pronged approach has proved to be successful. Just ask Spray Products, News Corporation, and more.

In 2022, the job market has become inarguably unique. Fast Company puts it succinctly:

It is a time of near record high vacancy rates. It is a time of near record high inflation. It is the age of the Great Resignation. It is the age of another Great Recession. It is the season of mass hiring. It is the season of mass firing. It is the season to switch jobs. It is the season to stay the course. 

Our gratitude

Regardless of the job market, we partner with our clients to develop successful strategies. And we value our relationship with each company that puts its trust in our people-first recruiting approach. In the spirit of gratitude, we want to say thank you for the collaborations that accelerate business growth. For the opportunity to connect brands with top talent. And for the chance to help companies scale.

Through support from our clients, we’ve been able to grow our own business during the pandemic–even tripling revenue between 2021 and 2022. That puts us in the top 1% of successful brands that reach their revenue goal in five years. Furthermore, we’ve even achieved an Inc 5000 nomination and a top 10% NPS score. Our people-first approach has succeeded because our clients know that putting people first leads to more wins. This is why 100% of our clients have referred us to at least two colleagues.

But our victories aren’t just a result of having great clients. We also want to thank our team–because they are truly our special sauce. From strategists to account managers, the humans behind the PeopleLift brand provide great ideas and unparalleled customer service. Here’s what one of our clients said about their PeopleLift experience: “PeopleLift brings the energy of a global company with the level of care of a small local brand. They’ve impressed us at each stage of our partnership and we look forward to working with them for years to come!” And this: “They are a trusted Vendor in our organization that stays true to their values.”

As we reflect on our history, we’re also looking toward the future. Consequently, we’re focusing our efforts on both the manufacturing industry and professional services. This increased specialization will help us serve our clients better. And a greater understanding of these industries can help us help companies develop stronger recruiting strategies. 

To thank our team, we’re prioritizing work-life balance through several key initiatives:

  • Shifting to four-day workweeks
  • Hosting a five-year celebration in Atlanta
  • Offering more growth opportunities
  • Offering mental health support 

Above all, we care about people. Whether we’re talking about clients or team members, it’s people behind our strategies and people behind our success. It’s people behind our technology and people behind our customer service. So Discover the PeopleLift Difference Today – Contact us to schedule a no-obligation Discovery Call and get your FREE Comprehensive Talent Marketplace Assessment! 

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