Blog Reintroduction – 86 Days and Counting

86 days…

It’s been 86 days since my wife and I decided to ‘play it safe’ and quarantine due to COVID 19…like many others, who knew that would be the playbook for this long?

This was on day 14…now it’s more like

With that said, let’s have a quick catch up…

During the past 86 days, my life has been filled with interesting and unique moments in time noted here and here.

We are very blessed that my wife and soon to be baby girl(we are 39.5 weeks!) are happy and healthy.

Equally interesting is in that time frame, #Peoplelift went through a significant transformation.

Go big or go home right?

What have we accomplished?

We are going to continue to change the world in a positive way and I know I speak for our organization and say how grateful we are to have the opportunity to impact the world by lifting others.

Stay safe out there friends


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