How PeopleLift Builds a Center of Excellence for our Clients

Let’s Define COE. Center of Excellence – it’s a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area. They’re functioning within HR teams to develop best practices and support critical capabilities that align with the organization’s priorities. Common COEs you’ve heard of: Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development and Talent Analytics. There’s also teams for New Product Development and Audience Identification.

How do you set up and define your own COE:

Step One: We Define the Problem.

First things first, we need to define what you’re facing. Are you in a highly competitive space? Is necessitating innovation and investment a priority? Are you needing to scale… fast? Too fast? How are you attracting, retaining and engaging all this new talent? Identifying the problem first will set up your COE.

Step Two: We Define the Direction

What are your company’s Mission, Vision and Values? Do you need to redefine those values to solve the problems?  Of course, it’s vital that your business has a north star! 

i.e: Mission: To grow, run or transform operation change and direction through acquiring great talent. Vision: Develop a sandbox to hire talent that makes an impact and for top talent to thrive. It must be carved into our business, tethered to our business goals. Values: Building fast, aligning to our long term objectives within the values our company have put forth.

Step Three: We Define the Players

Define the thinking and governing – who is owning the project and who’s working towards our new goals?

Step Four: We Invest and Align

Invest in the infrastructure of the team and alignment to your business goals. Bringing in a team like us at PeopleLift, who integrate with your team and operate under your values gives you the expert manpower you need. 

Step Five: We Start Making Changes

You grant authority and autonomy to the team to drive the information below:

  • How to pay
  • Compensation Philosophy 
  • Who to hire
  • How to onboard like royalty
  • Onboarding – to help with the organization of setting up something unique and distinct
  • How to build collaboration in the new sandbox
  • Acquiring new tools
  • Building Playbooks for talent

Now, Let’s Measure Success

We’re experts are this. Every company is different. We will outline metrics, send weekly reports and measure that success. How many hires did you make? Did you save without sacrificing quality? With us, measuring ROI comes easy and your team will reap nearly immediate rewards. 

Create Your Company’s Story

So, how do you frame internal shared recruiting services as a vehicle: storytelling. Make your COE story like the Heinz 57 story: Heinz ketchup was nearing bankruptcy.  The leadership team in the 1970s  made a courageous step and created a clear bottle to create transparency for the products for the customers. This was new in that market as at the time, preservatives were not visually appealing to customers. Heinz is still thriving. It was from a bold choice. Developing your COE story is the same idea – repackaging your investment into yourself through the tools and teams needed to win! 

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