How PeopleLift Used Human Engagement & AI Technology to Fill a High-Quality Pipeline Efficiently and Affordably

How PeopleLift Used Human Engagement & AI Technology to Fill a High-Quality Pipeline Efficiently and Affordably

In 2020 American Manufacturers were tasked with the responsibility of meeting new all-time high demands for essential products. This isn’t entirely new, though. The demand for American Manufacturing has been growing since 2017.

What happens when demand is rising? Growth. 

Growing manufacturers need talent to sustain production. Growing manufacturers need dedicated HR teams to attract and connect with future employees, all while battling high turnover rates. In the U.S. manufacturing turnover rates are as high as 20%.  For technical positions, replacement costs jump to 100-150 percent of salary.  Keeping up with a high-quality talent pipeline for a potentially rocky hiring environment can be daunting, and expensive. That’s where we come in. 

PeopleLift has experience with these issues. In fact, when we connected with one of our clients in 2020, their needs were abundant and our team was ready to tackle them with unique recruiting strategies and affordable solutions. Our use of ai technology, and our small but mighty team delivered amazing results. 

Let’s review the details:

Client X is a mid-sized manufacturer of aerosol products. They were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring costs annually. They didn’t have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) – applicants were being sent straight to an email inbox and lost in a sea of applications. They were opening a new plant and needed to host mass hiring events digitally and build new talent pipelines efficiently, and within a tight budget. 

PeopleLift was hired and we immediately kicked into gear. We set up a new career site, rewrote job descriptions to include keywords, gave them holistic tracking capabilities and established better employee branding, and started qualifying candidates. We searched for candidates in our databases for hard-to-fill positions and delivered them straight to the hiring managers. We promoted hiring events on social media and created active targeted audiences to use for future campaigns. 

So, did it work? You bet it did. 

Client X needed fill room operators, mechanics, chemical operators, managers, shift leaders, production managers and maintenance managers for all of their operating shifts. We received over 5,000 applications, we sent 598 resumes to hiring managers, out of the 162 interviews, over 50% were offered a job and 96% of them accepted.

We reached 100% of Client X’s six-month hiring goal within 80 days and we saved them $255,519 in hiring costs. The Society for Human Resource Management determined the average cost-per-hire is $4,425we provided an average cost-per-hire of $1,488. 

We still work with this client today, and we keep efficiently and affordably delivering. 

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