January 2024 – Labor Review for Georgia

A brief look ahead to this month as the economy looks to gear up for a growth year

Unemployment: Georgia’s unemployment rate remained steady at 3.4% for the third consecutive month. This rate was slightly lower than the national average, indicating a stable job market in the state.

The number of open jobs reached a record high, with significant gains in various sectors including Health Care and Social Assistance, Finance and Insurance, and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. However, there was a decline in jobs in the Transportation and Warehousing, and Retail Trade sectors​​​​.

This is promising after a tough year for recruiting services in 2023 but really strong for the stock market.

Bear markets fuel bull markets and that looks to be the case here.

Looking ahead: for January 2024, the forecast for specific sectors in Georgia such as manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse, advanced engineering, and skilled labor can be inferred from these trends:

  1. Manufacturing: With overall job numbers at a record high, the manufacturing sector, especially Durable Goods Manufacturing which saw an increase over the year, is likely to continue showing resilience and potential for job growth.
  2. Supply Chain and Warehouse: Despite the decline in jobs in the Transportation and Warehousing sector, the overall robustness of Georgia’s job market and its strategic position as a logistics hub may still offer opportunities in these areas, albeit with some variability.
  3. Advanced Engineering: The state’s high number of jobs and stable unemployment rate suggest a healthy demand for skilled professionals, including those in advanced engineering fields. Growth in sectors like Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services could be indicative of opportunities in this area.
  4. Skilled Labor: The consistent job growth and stable unemployment rate point towards a continuing demand for skilled labor across various industries in Georgia. The increase in employment in sectors like Health Care and Social Assistance and Finance and Insurance suggests that there might be a varied demand for skilled labor across different fields.

Given these indicators, January 2024 appears promising for job seekers in Georgia, particularly in sectors that align with the state’s recent job growth trends. However, it’s important to note that economic conditions can change, and staying informed about the latest labor market data will be crucial for a more accurate forecast.

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