Inflation Proof Recruiting - How Our Model is Different

Our Recruiting Model is Different – Inflation Proof Recruiting

PeopleLift is the most credible alternative to the traditional staffing model because our recruiting model is inflation-proof.

Let’s talk about why.

We create solutions. There’s been an incredible amount of talent transformation happening in the recruiting world during 2020 and 2021. Just check out what SHRM has to say about it. There are more recruiter job openings on the market than software engineer openings in the country!

(When’s the last time that’s happened?!)

Let’s break it down.

  • Silicon valley 6 and all their lookalikes (Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc) went on a shopping spree for the best talent engineering software – they were successful.
  • The best talent hunters are being scooped up by big companies to find top talent nationwide for remote opportunities for these big companies.
  • Talent is being found. People are picking up and moving companies – They are following the movement. The best talent is seeing major increases in salary and benefits.
  • Now, the San Francisco salary numbers are being inflated in east coast salaries – we are seeing entire departments gutted and moved while other companies were paused.

Where does that leave us? Smaller/MidSized companies aren’t able to compete with the top-dollar recruiting models from the big box companies. Salaries are more expensive, meaning most recruiting agencies who operate on a percentage of salary-based commission are also more expensive.

In Short: Finding the best talent is more expensive than ever when using a traditional recruiting model.

The good news:

PeopleLift is the future of the agency world, outperforming the corporate pricing agency hustle.

More affordable than senior level and out producing by 2x.

We are inflation-proof because we use a flat-rate pricing.

and… We are charging flat fees and not commissioned by salary, no price per head.

Saving you money and not sacrificing talent quality.

Interested in working with us and our recruiting model? Contact us today!

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