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PeopleLift Growth after 2020:

How We’re Still Reaping the Rewards of Our Pandemic Business Shift 

It’s the end of another year, and we can’t believe it. We wrote about PeopleLift’s journey through 2020 a year ago, and we entered 2021 with big goals for our company. Our biggest goal? Scaling. Tim Visconti, PeopleLift’s CEO, frequently references the famous quote:

 “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” 

… and we’ve spent this year shooting for the moon. We set out to 3X our revenue, 2X our headcount, and launch PeopleSprout, our Recruitment Marketing brand. All the while, we wanted to scale a healthy and productive team.

So where did we start? In January ‘21 we had 7 full time employees, plus some great contingent labor partners, we also had four clients. We had laid the groundwork down, and we were ready to see results. Much like 2020, we continued to see a shift in the recruiting market in 2021. What used to be client-driven is now candidate driven. Companies and recruiting agencies were faced with a huge learning curve this year. We needed to figure out how to face the challenges in new markets, their distribution, positioning, and The Great Resignation. Everywhere we’re reading: “Companies should plan on high employee mobility to be endemic and reframe how they approach managing their workers.” – The Conversation, Nov 21. So we did, and we encouraged our clients to, and we sought out new ways to recruit talent when the market was saturated with candidates.

Despite the challenges ahead, we continued to show our resiliency through the year. In the midst of significant change we quickly adopted new learnings and sought out growth opportunities for us, and our clients. We maintained great contingent staffing relationships, brought our full time staff up to 14 (Hey, we hit that 2x goal!) and we onboarded new clients. We doubled our client base! 

Just like 2020, through the stress, pain, and heartache we endured in 2021, both professionally and personally, we are reminded of how important it is to keep looking ahead, and savor the good. So what’s next for PeopleLift in 2022? Let’s 3X our revenue, 1.5X our headcount, improve our community impact and become known as one of the best places to work & grow your career.

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