Sleep Walking in a Growing Company

Like many entrepreneurs, I look forward to new challenges and view them as opportunities to grow.

It feels like a lifetime ago but last October I found out that I was going to be a first time Dad.

And like many first time fathers, I ‘thought’ I had a clue what life would be like based off of interactions with those who have kids, my own ‘experience’ as a kid and gleaning what I could from books.

(Cue the ‘I told you crowd’)

But predictably, I was wrong, I had no clue.

Many things in life fail to live up to the hype but the exhaustion and survival mode were spot on.

The past 5 months have been some of the hardest and yet best months of my life. Holding #babymarella in my arms changed my life in an instant.

But I feel in many ways the intersection of a global pandemic, the crush weight of isolation and the overwhelming pressure of maintaining a service business in a #depression created a new gear within me.

This gear is learning how to scale while sleep walking.

I mean that literally as our baby, like many others, is quite vocal(nicest way I could put that) and hasn’t slept more than 4 hours consecutively in nearly two months.

Would I change a thing?


This irreplaceable time spent bonding with my baby girl, learning how to support a wife, dog, baby business and myself in a condo(used to be fun…) is creating something within me that will permeate throughout our business.


Specially, resiliency to sudden change.

This is a massive step forward because once difficult things now seem quite easy in retrospect.

If we can grow while sleep walking in a pandemic, watch out #Forbes

Kudos #teampeoplelift as we continue to defy the odds in #covid19

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