The origin story of PeopleSprout

The Origin Story of Our Talent Marketing Business

PeopleSprout: PeopleLift’s New Sister Brand

How We Came to Be

In 2020 we saw our PeopleLift clients struggling to attract the talent they needed. What was wrong? We had built the ATS, the career site and the team to interview. Unfortunately, talent wasn’t always finding us. Smaller companies have been outbid by larger companies for too long. Those larger companies have dedicated marketing spend towards building recruitment brands, and the team to implement it. An article from Recruiting Today says this:

“Establishing an effective [hiring] process in today’s hiring landscape requires finding the right blend of strategies and solutions to give TA professionals and teams the support they need. But even that takes time, budget, and energy that SMBs don’t necessarily have an excess of while trying to keep up with business demands. Combine this with a lack of market research and minimal resources and you’re drowning. Companies can spend 25 hours a week just trying to search, outreach, vet, and interview candidates.”

Small to mid-sized companies have found themselves understaffed and 69% of employers are having a difficult time filling positions. PeopleLift knew there had to be a solution to help our clients attract talent at a price tag that fit within their budgets. 

So, We Did Our Research

We wanted to know… How important is employer branding? Should we be using our marketing team’s talents to help people build solid recruitment marketing strategies? Short answer: Absolutely. Here’s why:

75% of candidates will research your company’s reputation before applying. Actually, 75% won’t even take a job with a company that has a bad reputation online. Even if they were unemployed. An overwhelming 92% of people would consider leaving their job if offered one at a company with an excellent corporate reputation and online presence. We also found that a strong employer brand reduces your turnover rate by 28% and your cost per hire by 50%.

The biggest finding: Companies with a strong employer brand see 50% more qualified applicants AND they hire faster. 

We Started Offering Our Recruitment Marketing Service

We developed strategies with two of our clients to increase their applicants through targeted social media ads and custom, consistent organic postings. Very quickly, we saw results. Our construction client saw a 45.3% increase in link clicks, leading 65% more people to their job openings. That was just after just one month of our job advertising service. If you think those numbers are wild, check this out: Our manufacturing client saw career site traffic from social media increase 869% and our campaigns increased their audience reach by 54,615%.

That’s right. 54,615%. With these numbers, we knew what we wanted to do next… and that was to build out our new service into its own brand so more companies could experience the same growth our PeopleLift clients did. 

And PeopleSprout was Born

What started as an add-on to our recruiting packages has evolved into PeopleSprout: Visconti Group’s newest brand and most competitive offering. We cannot wait to share this service with those who need it. 

Contact us today at or to learn more about our holistic services.

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