4 Ways We Increased Employee Satisfaction with Employee Benefits in 2021

“Employees who are satisfied with their benefits are more likely to be loyal and satisfied with their jobs by a wide margin, according to the MetLife study. More than 70 percent of employees who were satisfied with their benefits were also satisfied with their job and their employer.” – San Francisco Business Times 

You may have read about our growth in 2021, but we’re still a small company. We have under 20 full-time staff, but that doesn’t mean our benefits should be any less fabulous than the big guys out there. We preach often that great companies are built by great people, and great companies attract great talent by providing great benefits. 

Here’s a look at some of the things we’re incorporating into our offerings to increase employee satisfaction:

1. Mental Health Days

It is our top priority to support our employees at PeopleLift and do everything possible to make every employee feel valued and heard. That’s why we offer mental health days. 5 paid mental health days. Separate from our PTO.

One of our main priorities this year was to have better benefits for our employees – which is why we are also expanding them to include mental health coverage! PeopleLift covers 6 visits per year to a mental health professional. Also our employees and their dependents, have access to a 24/7 counselor through mobile app, live chat, and email.

2. Minimum PTO Requirement 

We offer 21 vacation days, 5 mental health days, and have 10 company holidays. That’s 36 total days off with pay. We also enforce a PTO minimum. You must use 8 days a year in addition to our holidays. We are passionate about fighting burnout. Some may wonder, why not unlimited PTO? Well, we used to have that. Studies have shown people take less PTO when it’s unlimited and in a distributed team, this is a failure. It is more beneficial for employees to have a structured PTO policy. 

3. Increased Dependent Coverage

We don’t just care about our people, we want their people to be cared for, too. When your family is taken care of, putting in your best work gets a lot easier. That’s why when we went shopping for benefits, we quickly adjusted our plan to cover up to 80% of your premium for you AND your dependents. We cover 75% of your vision premium, too. 

We also don’t have a huge waiting period to secure your health coverage – it happens of the first of the month on or right after you’re hired.

4. Personal Development Investment Minimums

One of our company values is to learn consistently and we want to take that seriously. PeopleLift believes that constantly refining your craft, training on the latest technology, or seeking out a new course or certificate, is absolutely essential in your career development and we want to support you in it. That’s why it’s part of your job to enlist in a course, by that book, or take a class each year, on us. 

We are constantly improving our benefits package to meet the needs of our workforce and go beyond expectations in the market. By next year, these benefits could change – but it’ll be for the better.

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