Introducing PeopleSprout

BIG NEWS: Introducing PeopleSprout

PeopleLift’s New Sister Brand

As technology advances, HR professionals have utilized new and more effective ways to reach potential candidates. One of the most effective new channels is recruitment marketing through social media. This innovative approach combines social media management with recruiting and offers a great avenue for reaching a large audience. As of 2020, 50% of the global workforce is made up of millennials. 73% of them found their most recent position through social media, and almost 3/4 of active job seekers are more likely to apply if the employer actively manages its brand.

That’s why we’re offering recruitment marketing services to our clients. You’ve heard us talk about talent marketing because we love engaging top talent with your jobs. We love it so much, we’re launching a new recruitment talent brand so you can experience the rewards like we have. is coming Q4 of 2021.

Plant. Re-pot. Feed. Grow.

We’ll be offering these great services: 

  • Social Media Audits

PeopleSprout will analyze your social media channels, career site, and your ratings online. We’ll give you recommendations and set your Recruitment Marketing Score.

  • Employer Branding Solutions

PeopleSprout will review your career site, edit your job descriptions, and deliver candidates. We will suggest updates to your social media channels and create targeted and organic social media campaigns around your job openings.

  • Content Marketing

PeopleSprout will build a detailed audience and posting schedule for challenging-to-fill jobs on a need-by-need basis and deliver a detailed social media campaign across all of your channels.

  • Recruitment Campaigns

This add-on service combines our detailed social media campaigns with an existing PeopleLift Delivery agreement.

Let’s Get Started

PeopleSprout’s expertise in recruitment marketing offers businesses a chance to reap the benefits of recruitment marketing without having to form a team of their own. If you think this service is something you could benefit from, contact us now at or in the future at We can’t wait to highlight and uplift your employer brand. 

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